Residential Aged Care

Care Philosophy

Greengate’s Care Philosophy is grounded in a holistic person-centred model of care. It is underpinned by our mission to enrich lives, and our values of going the extra step, doing the right thing, creating a wonderful experience, and playing as a team.

All of our senior clinicians and managers – such as Directors of Care and Services, and Care Managers – each have over 10 years’ experience as Registered Nurses. Our caring nature, combined with the wisdom that comes from working in this industry for over a decade, allows Greengate to ensure that we’re always delivering the best care for our residents. St Brigid’s Green invest in additional care staff, and always ensure that a Registered Nurse is onsite in our aged care home 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

To us, person-centred care is founded on our care flower’s PETALS:

Retirement Living & Aged Care - St Brigid’s Green

Everything from breakfast choices, to lifestyle activities that bring purpose to our resident’s day, to the way we choose to communicate, is different for every person. Our residents are individuals and this is at the centre of everything we do.


The high quality of the environmental surroundings we create in our villages, both inside and outside, are central to the person-centred focus in our homes. Attention to detail means we ensure safety and flexibility is maintained to ensure the beautiful furniture, fittings and equipment are fit for purpose and meet the needs of residents at all stages of life.

Retirement Living & Aged Care - St Brigid’s Green
Retirement Living & Aged Care - St Brigid’s Green
Retirement Living & Aged Care - St Brigid’s Green
Retirement Living & Aged Care - St Brigid’s Green

Through meaningful engagement and engendering a sense of community, our culture is to treat all people with kindness, dignity, respect and honesty: we are all in this together. Central to our care philosophy is getting to know our residents, by understanding their individual preferences and cultural backgrounds, so that we can enrich their lives every day.


We deliver quality care and services with compassion, integrity, and sensitivity. At Greengate, we strive to get better every day by improving our practices and listening to feedback. Our comprehensive systems and processes mean information is always accessible and appropriate. Policies and procedures have an integrated framework, and provide detail and clarity to guide our team members. Our robust systems are effective and work in harmony across every Greengate Village.


Leadership starts in our boardroom and filters all the way through the Greengate team. Founded with a vision of the Mum and Dad test, our mission is to ensure all residents receive the support and life we would aspire for our own parents. Our person-centred leaders understand and embrace the core of our care philosophy, and demonstrate a personal and organisational commitment to our principles and practices. Greengate’s leaders promote cultural change and build strong relationships with residents, families, employees and the sector more broadly.


We value our residents and foster a sense of belonging and acceptance. Greengate supports residents in many ways: from having a chat about the grandkids, assisting at dinner time and listening to a story, to managing their requests for information in a timely, consistent and sensitive way. We support our residents to make informed decisions about their care, services, lifestyle, and choices in a way they understand. Each day, the actions of our qualified care team demonstrate the qualities and skills required to provide the right type of care to each resident.

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Our Vision and Values

At Greengate our vision is to enrich the lives of older Australians by providing the highest quality of care, accommodation and support in our purpose built communities to ensure each residents’ needs are met at all stages of their life journey.

Residential Aged Care - St Brigid's Green
Retirement Living & Aged Care - St Brigid’s Green


Retirement and Aged Care
at St Brigid’s Green

St Brigid’s Green was awarded ‘Best Retirement Living Development’ at the 2016 Property Council of Australia’s Innovation and Excellence Awards. If you’d like to learn more about living in our boutique village in the beautiful east, call us today for a chat.

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