Carmen & Betty

"People are always looking out for one another."

Since moving into St Brigid’s Green, these two friends have created a special friendship many people dream of having. Since losing their husbands, the two ladies look out for each other, cook meals together and take the food to each other’s apartment.

Betty said that her favourite thing about the village is that “people are always looking out for one another, if they don’t see you for a short period of time, they will give you a call or come and knock on your door. My family love that I’m here because it’s safe and I’m surrounded by people who care. The hardest part was giving up my family home, it took me a few months to settle in but when I met all the people here it was clear I’d made the right decision”.

Carmen said after living in Maroubra all her life she wanted to remain in the suburb, she wanted an apartment that is easily accessible, has all the facilities to make life easier for elderly people and is close to shops, by moving into the area you are from it allows you to maintain the connections and relationships with people you have had your whole life.

They’re both happy with their decision to move to St Brigid’s Green and grateful for the relationships that have come from it. 


"The village is beautiful and the location to services makes it what it is."

Anthony is one of the happiest blokes you will ever meet.

Anthony bought off the plan, and so did his sister and her husband back when St Brigid’s first came on the market. Anthony said, “Anyone looking for retirement village you pay for what you get, here is a premium product. The village is beautiful and the location and services makes it what it is”.

Anthony enjoys being so close to things that are important to him with all of them being in walking distance. His daily routine involves attending Mass, visiting the local shops, having a bite to eat and having a chat to anyone along the way.

After a busy day of socialising in the local community, Anthony volunteers in his village community at the onsite aged care home and delivers local magazines and catalogues. He said some of the residents are originally from the retirement living and others aren’t, he said ‘Residents appreciate brochures I bring up, for example Aldi specials, they like knowing the current prices of things, they also like the company and talking to someone’.

Anthony’s one of those people we are lucky to have, he’s always willing to help others.

Margaret & Peter

"It’s such a beautiful and safe place."

Peter and Margaret like to refer to themselves as the originals. They bought their north facing two Bedroom apartment back when St Brigid’s Green was still being built 7 years ago.

One of their favourite things to do is watch young families from their balcony who are visiting their grandparents playing on the village green. “It’s such a beautiful and safe place”.

Over the years they have made many friends, some of whom they knew before moving in and others newly formed friendships. They joked ‘that not everyone will be your cuppa tea however you’re bound to meet people you get along very well with, like anything in life’.

Peter and Margaret use additional services to make their life easier. They have a cleaner and meals delivered to their apartment.

Margaret said she likes to play Rummy-O and Bingo with the other residents on a weekly basis.
Their advice to friends looking into retirement living is the sooner the better, “we came in at the perfect time, we have been able to enjoy all the aspects of living in a village. Sometimes it’s too late to come in, you don’t want to be a nuisance to your family. We are grateful we came when we did because I wouldn’t be able to walk up the driveway from our previous home.”


"I feel safe here."

Patricia is the Resident Committee chairperson. She never planned to move into retirement village. However quickly changed her mind after seeing an advert and then visiting St Brigid’s Green. She said “the advantages are that you have quiet neighbours and there is a maintenance man onsite to help out with even the smallest things like changing a light bulb. This village met my criteria I wanted to live close to transport, shops and the church”

St Brigid’s Green gets its name from the fact that it is built on a site of the former Brigidine High School, however it is a non-denominational village and residents don’t need to have a religious affiliation to live here.

Patricia often represents the residents; she also helps with events. Residents can choose to be as involved as they like. We are lucky to have Patricia, she helps with the programming of significant occasions such as Australia Day, St Brigid’s Day, Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

When asked what the difference between living in a retirement village compared to a private home on a suburban street Patricia said “I feel safe here. In a suburban neighbourhood you may not see your neighbours very often. Here, if you want to interact, there are always people around- you see your neighbours at the mailboxes, the reception area, the café and the village green. The community spirit is a real asset. There are opportunities for ‘dining out’ on site in the restaurant or you can enjoy the company of friends and neighbours in the village café”.